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Patient Testimonials - Maryland Pain Specialists Baltimore, Maryland.

May 3, 2011

"Since undergoing an operation to relieve the effects of stenosis I’ve had chronic lower lumbar pain, the cause of which three neuro-surgeons could not explain. Dr. Block identified the area of pain and performed a nerve block procedure, a burning of the nerve called a rhizotomy. The procedure was brief and painless and effected immediate relief that maximized in about three weeks. As Dr Block had predicted, relief lasted one year until the nerve regenerated. He recently repeated the procedure, which has produced a similarly effective result."

- Paul C. Baltimore, MD


“I’ve ruptured five back discs over a 40-year time span. In February 2012, I dropped my cell phone, bent over to pick it up, coughed and ruptured a disc – a perfect storm. The pain was so horrible, I was on heavy painkillers. My neurosurgeon recommended spinal fusion in a month, but I’d already had a few at that site. So he referred me to Maryland Pain Specialists. After three visits with cortisone injections, I feel 95% improved with no pain and no painkillers.”

– Wesley B., 60-year-old patient, Parkton, MD


“Because of arthritis, calcium deposits and bone spurs, simple tasks used to cause stabbing pain. My neck pain was so bad I couldn’t stand it anymore. Maryland Pain Specialists performed procedures on my neck and back that gave me total relief. That was three years ago and I’ve had no reoccurrence of the pain since. It was 100% successful!”

– Daniel W., 65-year-old patient, Lutherville, MD


“Thirty years ago, I had an accident at work. I ruptured one disc, compressed another, and a third is gone. My pain was intolerable, day and night. After one injection, I emailed my doctor and said, ‘This was the first time I slept more than 10 hours straight in 10 years. My pain is 90% gone. It’s a miracle’. If you want pain relief, get in touch with them as quick as you can.”

– Art C., 52-year-old patient, Kingsville, MD


“In 2007, I fell on my back and blew everything out. I had a herniated disk in my neck and a herniated disk in my back L5 S1. At that point, with a lot of excruciating pain, I saw a lot of doctors and they recommended that I see a pain specialist. That’s when I had my first evaluation and treatment with Maryland Pain Specialists, along with a regimen of acupuncture recommended by him and MPS steroid injections.

Finally, I had some hope and light at the end of the tunnel for managing the pain and the condition I had now. Five years later, I had another injection and have them treat me for my pain with steroid injections and pain medication. Dr. Grabow and his whole staff ensure that their patients are taken care of. You can always guarantee that they’ll follow up after each procedure to see how you’re doing.

Today, just being able to move around and be mobile without significant pain is the key for me. It’s a blessing. If anyone is enduring pain or injuries, I would always recommend Maryland Pain Specialists for their ability to manage the pain on a professional level and a personal level of concern by the staff to relieve your pain, fears and anxieties.”

– Richard R., Dundalk, MD


“I’ve had stenosis in my back between L4 & L5 vertebrae for 20 years now, pinching nerves all the way down my back side to leg and groin area. I was in a tremendous amount of pain. I was referred by an orthopedic surgeon and saw Dr. Grabow for a nerve blocking shot and two epidurals.

After I got the pain blocking shot, it really helped to relieve the pain in my back and function normally. When they first called, I was feeling absolutely awesome. I don't have the pain down the leg. I don’t have to ice every day. It’s very manageable right now. I could hardly go out and shop at all. It was really difficult before. Now, I’m able to walk, shop and do normal everyday activities again.

Before Christmas last year, I shopped for hours and hours, and that was something I couldn’t do. I felt I couldn't go to the beach this year and walk across the sand. I did all the theme parks non-stop in Orlando and I couldn’t do that before.”

– Patricia G., 50-year-old patient, Curtis Bay, MD


“I injured my back around the first of last year while helping my daughter move and ended up with a bulging disc in my upper back. I also have some arthritis in my lower back. The upper back causes the problem. My usual physician recommended that I see Maryland Pain Specialists.

Since the early part of December 2011, I had 4 injections from Dr. Grabow, 3 in my upper back and 1 in my lower back. The upper back injections have worked well. The existing pain I had is now under control and I’m now able to walk a couple of miles a day without nerve damage and nerve sensations that caused me to sit down. Before the injections started, I could only walk a quarter-mile and I’d turn around… that was as far as I could go.

If you have similar pain, go there as fast as possible, and get them to do their magic act on you. They do this all day long; it’s their specialty. It shows in the efficiency of their office. You feel like it’s well worth the effort.”

– M.C., York, PA



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